Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapters & Books

Lately i've been thinking about how it feels like a chapter in my life is ending. However i realized that while a chapter or two (maybe three?) have ended this summer it doesn't exactly feel that way. It feels like the entire book is coming to a close. Now i don't mean to say that i feel like my life is ending; quite the opposite actually. I feel like life is series of books, and this is the ending of the second (or third) book. It was only four years long but it was a quite interesting book. And there are many signs it's ending. People are leaving, saying their goodbyes, tying up loose ends, and going off to lead new lives. So now it's my turn to move on with my life, and i have no idea where it's headed. All the roads have turned into paths and i can wander as i please. But eventually i'll have to be careful not to miss the next road. However, i have not yet exactly started this journey. I'm still in the process of saying my goodbyes and tying up my loose ends. Thing is it's not so much the fact the book is ending that worries me; it's that it's been such an amazing book it really does deserve an amazing ending.. so lets just sit back and hope it does :)

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