Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wired by Caffine

The aftermath of my massive caffeine consumption can occasionally lead to my mind spilling out random wordage.. so, i decided to type it out; here is an example:

unheard thoughts that even time can't turn.
i wish things worth revealing could reveal things to themselves.. and words would stop there bleeding so i could hear in turn..
life is simple but not easy. this we all do find. if life weren't simple and was easy, would it be so fine?
i wish things weren't written in places i can't see.. for time is still uncertain, and air comes hard to breath..
i wish you'd give me space to breath since the airs too deep for shallow breaths..
and every person that i meet still doesn't know me yet..
for since i saw her smile i haven't truly cried.. because beauty can do that to this mind..
and time still confuses days, and days still confuse time.. but words are never left too far behind.. in writings still we see the delicacy's of time.. for words are words, and you i wish i think i hope are mine; for at least some time..
June is like a flower too beautiful for words, but beauty is so fleeting it fly's faster than birds..
time heals wounds but they don't tell you, it makes them too, it makes them deeper..
i wonder how you've been i haven't seen you for a while, why is it that the only response is good from you? i don't think i know what that means anymore? what 'what' means anymore? do you?
for if time is like this, where its wasted constantly. why do we say we want more if we'd only waist it? we know we'd only waist it.. but time no matter what we say, is still wasted if it feels that way. so i can't deny the sadness caused by this.. my mind still reals and wonders what it means by this.. if only you understood me, i could understand the world. but the world can't understand what can't understand.. and life will go on no matter what you do.. it will continue with, or with out you.. so stop worrying, your wasting more time than you've already wasted.. still i wonder how you are, how you are?

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