Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Recieved This All Through Text

Well, it was right after I left the Verizon store I was investigating because I wanted to see what my new workplace was gunna be like. I'm just pulling out of this massive shopping center and thinking yo I shoul really look around and see what's good to eat around here, cuz I'll need a few good lunch spots to choose from. Then, come to think of it, I'm hungry right now, fuck making food at home, I just got paaaiiiiid nigga, where's a good place to eat?
So then as if by magic, in a shining beacon from God sort of way, in the shopping center across from mine stood the most glorious pub i know by name, PJ whelihans in all its in house brewed alcoholic glory
Right then and there it was no question where the fuck I was going. I zipped across and parked up in a nice spot, figured it was meant to be and proceeded to pack a bowl. Little did I know that sandals still had a tiny bit of really good shit leftover at the bottom, i packed some fresh green herb on top of it.
I blazed like a true pot head should, by myself and fearless to the world outside my goldfish bowl of a mini can. After getting ridiculously stoned, I went into PJ's and due to being high and a little unsure of myself, paces between a suspiciously vacant seat at the bar and the hostess counter to get a table. I must've looked stupid, especially when after i decided to give up on the only seat that look acceptable and went to the counter to get a little beeper thing, did i open my mouth to the hostess, then out of the corner of my eye see the surrounding crowd to my "maybe" of a vacant seat disperse, leaving no question of it's availability.
So I mumbled something incomprehensible and pointed retardedly at the bar and walked away leaving the hostess utterly confused. I sat at the bar and ordered the one thing I came in there for, hot and honey wings. And of course, the beer on special $2 bottles of bud
So I finished one beer waiting for my wings, and by the time they arrived, all the seats around my had become occupied. So as I began to chow down, the madness ensues. I'm high, and had I not been so, my self esteem and public manners would not have permitted the ravenous behavior that followed. I dug into those wings with a fury unknown to most mortals. It was great because even in a loud ass bar and restaurant full of ppl on a Friday night, I'm certain the ppl next to me could hear the slopping, drooling, bone sucking wing ownage, not to mention the groans of delight I would randomly let out. And if they couldn't, they could definitely see it.
It got to the point where everyone around me had turned away trying to ignore me, which I was totally ok with, slightly smirking on the inside. The bartender was great, even though I was only half done with a beer, she approached me in the middle of trying to swallow a giant piece of chicken, and asked if i'd like another. Like a caveman, I just grunted pointed, and finally spewed out the one word i could muster which was, "napkins." She smiled and grabbed me an extra plate with the necessary paper products on top, then asked again about the beer. I simply nodded and gave a thumbs up because I was already halfway into another wing. After the carnage was all over I chilled for a bit, paid and left a very happy boy. Not much more after that til you called. So, end of story

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