Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only Time Can Tell

These past three days i have had time off from work for random reasons that really don't exist. And with this time I've come to re-realize something I've known for some time now. I can't stand being by myself for very long. For some odd reason i need constant social interaction. I've tried other means besides one-on-one such as texting, or social networking sites, but it only helps so much.
The more i think about it the more i realize it's not always just because I'm lonely or want someone to converse with, so much as it's that i don't like wasting time. I feel like i never see my friends. So when I'm free i want to shove in as much time to spend with them as i can. And when i can't i become severely disappointed.
I have said many times before it seems i have a fear of wasting my life, but maybe it's something else entirely? It seems i have some idea of how i want life to be, but i have no idea how to obtain it.. And that's probably due to the fact I'm not entirely sure what i want.
So the question is, how does one find out what they truly want in life? If you say i should spend time thinking it over i can tell you I've done plenty of that. But perhaps with more time it will reveal itself to me. So maybe i'll be able to stop worrying about wasting my life and actually do something about it.

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