Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so you've cut your hair too short..

   so i cut my hair too short.. i don't even remember when it started. suddenly, i was standing in the bathroom with a pair of dulling yellow handled scissors. oh wait, that's right; i was going to trim my bangs.
   so first i cut my bangs "oh that looks cute." so that they fell just below my jaw line. then i cut the tips a bit "how bout we trim down here too". then a little more "ok, let's just even things up.", and a little more "this looks cool at an angle". somewhere along the line i noticed there sure was a good amount of hair on the sink; but i didn't really pay attention to it "oh no bangs are drying". then the final cut "there we go" and it was good "oh, i like this". so then i waited for it to dry some more, and i straightened it "oh this looks cute" took a few pictures.. and then headed down to bed.
   now it must've been sometime right before i got in bed. i decided to look at it once again in the mirror. i must've noticed some little piece that just wasn't quite right; because right then i noticed my smaller black handled scissors. "oh these cut nice"... about an hour later back in another bathroom i was cleaning up the fallen hair off the sink.

   so you've cut your hair too short.. i guess it happens to all the brave girls eventually. and even some of the stupid ones. but isn't the difference between bravery and stupidity really just a fine line? honestly, the main difference between the two is how the situation ends. you can panic (which i sure did the next morning). but then you've got to realize things aren't going to change. so work with it, because you are still the same beautiful girl. and if you add a few hair clips, some product, or maybe just ware it up for a few weeks, it can look planned. and if it looks like you meant it, it'll show you have enough confidence to do whatever you like with your hair (which sure is a fuck-ton of confidence). and with that confidence maybe you'll even start to like your new style. and others will like it to. of coarse there 's always the chance they liked it to begin with ;)

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